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Charity Fuel Card

Introducing a fuelcard that donates to your chosen charity, everytime you fuel up, at any participating UK service station.

Charity Fleet Management made the right choice, with The Right Fuelcard Company, as partners, offering a simple way to save and help our communities and charitable organisations, by donating a small amount from each of your fuel bills, using our unique Charity Fuel Card.

From single owner drivers, to large vehicle fleets, all involved can benefit with this noble guesture when you fill up your vehicle. We invite you to Apply for a Charity Fuel Card and join in sharing the goodwill, while helping each other.

With our Charity Fuel Card you will receive:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • HMRC approved invoices
  • Online account management
  • Fixed weekly price on standard diesel purchases
  • 1ppl rebate on every litre drawn to your chosen charity
  • No non usage fees, hidden fees or minimum spends